In the mid ’80s when Suzana Davila and her father, Luis, opened the original Little Cafe Poca Cosa (The Little One remains open and has evolved into a grab-and-go market with a few seats for outdoor dining), she could not have envisioned the overwhelming success the tiny downtown eatery would achieve. When opening a second, larger space in 1989, the original would eventually become “The Little One” run by Suzana’s talented sisters Marcela and Sandra.

With the success of the larger Cafe Poca Cosa, Suzana’s culinary talents continued to grow, receiving kudos and rave reviews from all over the world. Since then, Cafe Poca Cosa has been a favorite destination for travelers and locals alike. With the arrival of COVID-19, everything changed. After months of conversation and consideration with her children, ShanaIi and Christopher, they have decided that it is no longer feasible to remain open. “Clearly, this is not how I imagined my business would culminate. I always envisioned passing the business on to my hard-working children, who have been actively involved in the business for many years,” Suzana said. ”The continued threat of COVID to the restaurant and hospitality industries is ever-present. With fixed costs of doing business and rising food costs, along with restrictive seating limits, we just do not see a profitable way of continuing.”

“For over 35 years I have given of my heart and soul to establish my life’s ambition of creating a successful and unique
Mexican restaurant. I humbly began in a small space near Scott and Congress, and I believed in, and was most committed to, downtown Tucson before it became the vital urban spot it now comprises. I have been rewarded with many accolades. I have been interviewed for countless local, national and international magazines and featured in many publications. And, most importantly, I have established a loving and devoted customer base literally from throughout the world. Regretfully, my life’s work came to a sudden halt in mid-March of this year due to the impact of a world pandemic that did not discriminate even with the most successful of businesses. I have experienced many months of great anxiety over this matter. As a result, it is with great sadness that I will be permanently closing Cafe Poca Cosa. I feel incredibly privileged to have been part of our wonderful downtown for all of these years, and I would like to thank the people of Tucson for all of the goodwill and assistance they have provided.”

The success of Cafe Poca Cosa has, over the years, enabled Suzana to achieve another one of her dreams: to help those in need. In addition to providing much-needed goods and services to people in Sonora—where she had a home for many years—she has built a medical clinic, church and school. She has mentored women from Mexico, teaching them the business of owning a restaurant—helping them to get established in their communities. Suzana wants to thank Tucson for making all of that possible.

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